Our diplomas and transcripts are guaranteed to look real by any reasonable person, and we match all diplomas to your chosen university or college’s diploma appearance. The transcripts that we produce are crafted on real, Official Transcript Paper, and we emboss them with a registrar’s seal. Your transcripts will also include all other aspects of a university-level transcript, including the complete course curriculum for the degree and major you choose. All courses in the transcript will equal approximately 120+ Credit Hours for a Bachelor’s, and 60+ for the Associate’s, Master’s and Ph.D. curricula. The courses are guaranteed to meet or exceed the standard for the degree you choose.

Transcripts being embossed
Novelty Works Transcript embosser
Novelty Works Diploma
Fake Diploma Sample

Novelty Works has been in business since 2004 making Novelty degrees and transcripts from universities and colleges in every state; those in Canada, The UK, Australia, and others that are produced in English. And our fake-degree-making process has been updated many times over the years to keep up with current standards and measures of quality.

Our ordering process is very simple and any additional requirements for a specific GPA, Honors, or anything else not specifically asked for on the order form, can be entered into the “Order Notes” when checking out from one of the Product Pages.

If you need further information, please e-mail us at: sales@noveltyworksdegrees.com

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~The Novelty Works Team