Completely genuine, unedited endorsements that came to us unsolicited.

(Note: As we state on our FAQ page header, is not a legitimate novelty diploma review website, but rather a very old, predatory, and almost certainly, a front for a competitor’s business. Just after we launched in 2005, this review site turned up. In fact, it was so soon after we launched that we reasoned most of our customers hadn’t even had time to receive their orders yet.  On numerous occasion, we’ve attempted to contact as an anonymous inquirer, but were left with *crickets*)

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Our Reviews

“…I wish that I could find words to express how pleased I am with my purchase. But I will ask you to do one thing for me. Please, please use me as a reference of a real customer that is EXTREMELY satisfied! I know some of the people visiting your site will think (as I often do) that these testimonials are written by the company itself. Please give them my email, and when they contact me, I will even give them my Skype number and talk to them in person!!


I cannot adequately express how great the quality of the diploma was, and how accurate it was to the school’s actual certificate. And then, what blew my mind was, the transcripts were EVEN BETTER!! …every little nagging extra detail that I had requested was done, and done professionally!…”


“It definitely shows professionalism. The diploma is pretty good as well, but i was blown away by the transcripts.”


Can I refer your website/company at some point? Do you have a social media presence, or should I just recommend with word of mouth? And obviously you won’t hear anything from me before I present the gift, but I love to brag on people who provide great service anytime I can!”


Dear Sir,
Thank you very much, I received my degree package yesterday. It looks great; excellent transcript, excellent degree…I recommend this site for everyone.
“You guys are superior. I will definitely be making a review and forwarding you all my customers. LOVE IT.
Thank you so very much. And thank you for your phenomenal customer service.”

“Just wanted to follow-up with you on my purchase. I have to say I am Extremely Satisfied with the excellent work that you’ve done here. Great work on everything, I am very appreciative and look forward to working with you again soon.”


“Your work is very high quality and realistic and at an affordable price. I needed something to use to take pictures while waiting for my diploma and this was excellent. Thank you very much! ” ~TD
“Got it!! Thank you SO much — this looks amazing, and I hope she’ll adore it!

“Your service is awesome and Your customer service is the most efficient I have ever seen.”

“Your products are absolutely amazing. You offer the best prices, fastest shipping, great customer service, and highest quality products!”

“I would like to thank you for an excellent order and delicate work!”

“Thank you. Just received yesterday. Very detailed Quality work.”

“I just got my diploma and transcripts today I’m actually surprised they look this good. Your ad is pretty accurate.”

“Just one word “awesome” Thank you………

“…would like to recommend your place to others based on the good quality and service.”

Excellent Job, thank you for my order, I could not ask for anything more

“I am very pleased with my order. It’s so realistic, even better than I expected.”

“my diploma and transcripts are phenomenal, thank you guys!”

I am really impressed wow.. you`ve done a fantastic job honestly I’m so happy…It was a pleasure doing business with you.If you need positive feedback on your website anytime count me in!”

“THANK YOU ALLEN AND STAFF! Shipping time-8 days(Foreign order).I’ve received my documents in good order and I must say I am very impressed.The diploma is beautifully crafted and the transcripts are very professionally created.I would recommend you and your service to anyone instantly.If you want a review or posted testimonial,I offer it warmly and sincerely.”

“Looks wonderful, I will place another order Monday evening!”

“The transcripts are first class! I have never seen work like that.

“I received my package today. You did a wonderful job.”

“I will be referring others to you.”

“They are amazing, it’s uncanny how authentic they look.”

“Great item!!! Just as you described and much much more!!!!! As always..”

“Super Product thanks for such fast shipping and great service!”

“Absolutely outstanding yet again…”

“OMG! you the Master good work Dude thanks”

“Great job….I love the results and quickness of the deal!”

“Wow! I don’t even know what to say. I am stunned, excellent quality!”



“Thank you I had lost my old one and this looks almost identical. super quality!!!”