Note: DiplomaOne.com is a bogus degree review website that gives us and other fake degree websites “bad reviews”. They sport an IP address registered in Sweden, and they once sold fake degrees at that website. We believe they simply got a bad reputation with that website, and turned it into a (phony) review site.
Why does it ask me for a Student ID?
What forms of payment do you take?
I saw a Review site that gave you bad reviews. Why...is this real?
Do you list the correct presidents and other regents on the diploma?
When do I give you my information?
Do you make any university degree?
Can I include transfer courses on my transcripts?
Is this legal?
Will my Diploma look like the university I choose?
When do I give you the degree information?
I have specific courses I want on my transcripts. How do I get that info to you and can you use all of my courses?
Can I track my order. I live in New Zealand?
Do you make any university Diploma or documents?
Do you keep my information?
What don't you do?
How long does it take before I get my order?


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