Note: DiplomaOne.com is a bogus degree review website that gives us and other novelty degree websites bad reviews. They sport a foreign IP address (registered in Sweden), and they once sold fake degrees from that website (very strange). Otherwise, if in doubt about a review site’s credibility, we recommend emailing them. A legitimate business should respond within 24 hrs.

Why does it ask me for a Student ID?
This is only for the transcripts. You can list one or we can make it up for you if you leave it blank.
What forms of payment do you take?
We take Visa, MC, Discover & American Express.
For the Graduation date, do I enter only the year or also month and day?
You may add only the year and we will choose a graduation month and day for that year that is appropriate to that school. It’s important you list the full date if it’s the current year. Days of the week for graduation are almost always held on Fridays and/or Saturdays. If you want full control over the accuracy of your graduation date noted on your documents, we recommend getting that information and providing us the exact date you want.
Do you list the correct presidents and other regents on the diploma?
We guarantee the President correct to 10 years ago, otherwise the signature will be a fairly non-legible, but professional-looking signature. If you need correct signatures for a smaller school more than 10 years old, you will need to supply them. Note that large state universities and colleges, as well as larger private and IVY league schools are normally accurate to 20 years ago.
When do I give you my information?
Upon ordering, we ask for all information pertaining to your order. There is even space to add what we don’t ask for, such as GPA or honors. E-mail us at sales@noveltyworksdegrees.com
Do you make any university degree?
Any in the U.S. and most others that are printed in English.
Can I include transfer courses on my transcripts?
We will certainly denote transfer course credits in the main header of the student information of the top of transcript, but we do not specify the particular courses within the course curricula. This would be in line with many universities where the transfer courses are indicated/transferred to their own versions. Incidentally, we generally do not craft curricula lengths beyond 8 semesters.
Is this legal?
Yes, our products are legal to purchase and to own provided you do not attempt to use them for academic, professional, or monetary gain–all of the obvious things. So lie to your friends, family, and car mechanic or hair stylist, but not to your prospective employer or university.
Will my Diploma look like the university I choose?
We always attempt to make every diploma like the actual.
When do I give you the degree information?
Upon checking out, you will be asked for the information needed to complete your Novelty Diploma and Transcripts.
I have specific courses I want on my transcripts. How do I get that info to you and can you use all of my courses?
No problem. If you have specific courses, always e-mail us the details in one concise and complete e-mail so that we may confirm those. We will add UP TO 20 of your own supplied courses to the curriculum for $20 per transcript order if you want your own courses added into a degree major that we already have, for ex. Business Administration or Psychology. A complete Bachelor’s transcript will contain an average of 40 total courses or approximately 120 Credit Hours.
Can I track my order. I live in New Zealand?
Only with USPS Priority or Priority Express. International First-Class shipping may only track to the last port in the U.S. before leaving the country and may not, even if you’ve been given a shipping number. It will only denote “in transit”.
Do you make any university Diploma or documents?
If it’s in English, we will likely make it, but we do not make medical degrees, including nursing.
Do you keep my information?
We keep only your Name and address as it looks when you register for purchase unless you delete it.
What don't you do?
Professional or medical degrees or Licenses, Birth Certificates, or fake ID’s, including passports. In other words, nothing with which you could do something creepy.
How long does it take before I get my order?
Customers typically receive standard U.S. Orders in 3 or 4 days days. International orders are about 7-10 business days but we’ve gotten Orders to the EU and UK in about a week. Your domestic order for the Deluxe diploma & transcripts should currently arrive in 3 OR 4 days. Deluxe Degrees 2-3 and Express 1-2 days. Do not be concerned if your Foreign order is later than our projected time; we simply can’t control your country’s delivery times, but orders are rarely lost.


Note: Express may take up to 2 days, depending on when we ship and where we are sending to

All orders are shipped via USPS and come with tracking within the US. ALL U.S. Shipping is $6.95 no matter which product is being selected; the Deluxe lines have the extra shipping for the respective service built into the price (Priority or Express). Once we purchase the shipping label, it will be shipped that day, unless it’s past 4pm ET. In which case, it will ship the following business day. You will receive the tracking number in either a dedicated email or in your order status notification from us when we send the “order complete” notification. Orders other than our Deluxe line are shipped First Class Parcel or First Class International Parcel. Deluxe Orders are shipped Priority in the U.S. and Deluxe Express Orders are shipped Priority Express in the U.S., and First Class International in other countries. NOTE: We do not guarantee delivery times, only a reasonable approximation.

For International orders, expect approximately 7-10 business days for a standard order. ALL orders to Asia are taking longer than 3 weeks. And Do not expect the parcel to be tracked once it leaves the U.S. port of Miami. Many countries will not track USPS First Class Parcel Service. If you have not received your order after four full weeks, we will then re-ship the order.