Novelty Works Policy & Guarantee

  • If you decide you want to cancel your order after paying, we’ll refund all money if we have not begun your order.
  • If you have not been satisfied by your Diploma order, we will issue money back according to the terms below.
  • If you have any reasonable problem that can not be rectified, we will ultimately provide money back. We try to maintain a high level of quality and explain our product well, so the issue should be reasonable.
  • We do require notification within 48 hours of your receiving the product if you are unsatisfied with it. However, we will always reserve the right to attempt to resend a second revised diploma before opting to make any refunds.

If we have made ANY valid mistakes on ALL documents, we fix those immediately at no cost to you. Please respond within 2 weeks of receipt. WE DO NOT WANT YOU UNHAPPY WITH YOUR ORDER.

Note: We can not guarantee the correct president and other regent signatures older than 25 years. Typically we will supply a non-legible, but high resolution, professional signature unless we are otherwise notified by you. If you know the names, please provide. We make any of 5,500 US university diplomas. It’s not reasonable we would know the president of a small, changed, or closed university/college 20-30 years ago, and not very likely we could find out in many cases.


Policy Specifics and Conditions for money back:

  • We need to be alerted to your problem via e-mail within 48 hours of your receiving your order.
  • We will make a second attempt to fix what you may not like provided we can make requested revision.
  • If a refund is warranted, we need the product items back (ship any way you like, but with tracking provided to us) within 7 days Domestic and 10 days Foreign.
  • The amount we refund, in such an event, will be equal to or greater than 50% of the product price (and the reason for the refund must be a compelling one).